Scheduling an Appointment

Centralized Scheduling is available to schedule your outpatient procedures/services at:
8:00am to 6:00pm
(304) 367-7171
Monday through Friday

You will need to have readily available when scheduling your own appointment a valid physician’s order and insurance cards.

Note: This department is unable to schedule physician appointments with our outpatient clinics.

Centralized Scheduling is available to pre-register patients at:
8:00am to 6:00pm
(304) 367-7171
Monday through Friday

The completion of pre-registration can enable the patient to report directly to the Ancillary Department, which will expedite their visit, if all pertinent information is provided.

Required information for complete registration:

  • Valid Physician's Order from your doctor
  • Driver’s License
  • Insurance Card(s)
  • Name and Social Security Number of the insured
  • Referral forms from your physician (if required by your insurance provider)
  • Worker’s Compensation information (if applicable)
  • Co-payments or any deposits toward your out of pocket expense

The Main Registration Area is open from 6:30am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday. Registrars are available to register patients after normal business hours in the Emergency Room Department.

It is the Patient Access Department’s primary goal to provide excellent customer service each time you present to our facility.

Check-in and Discharge

When you or your family member require admission or observation stay with Fairmont Regional Medical Center, a registrar will help complete the necessary registration information. You’ll be asked to sign consents and provide a copy of your health insurance card, driver’s license and advance directives (if applicable). You will then be given a wristband that identifies you while you’re a patient with us. Please do not remove this wristband until you are discharged from the hospital.

During your stay, you could receive a visit from our Case Management Nurses or Social Services to assist with your needs during and after your stay with us.

When you are ready to be discharged, your doctor will write an order for your discharge from the hospital along with discharge instructions that could include additional outpatient services and any prescriptions if necessary for your continued care.

Patient Rights

You, as a patient, and the hospital share mutual rights and responsibilities related to your healthcare. A patient who understands and participates in his or her care may achieve better results.

The staff is committed to giving you the best care possible, to respect your rights and to recognize your responsibilities as a patient. The hospital recognizes that medical success comes from a partnership between you and our healthcare team.

Patient Rights

  1. You, your family and friends are entitled to courteous, respectful treatment in a caring fashion provided without regard to age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture, language, physical or mental disability, socioeconomic status, sex sexual orientation, and gender identity or expression.
  2. You have the right to appropriate medical treatment and services delivered by your personal physician and other professionals involved in your care and made known to you. You may refuse treatment within the limits of the law.
  3. You have the right to request and receive information related to your admission and discharge planning. Goal setting is a collaborative effort and is essential to your care.
  4. You and your family have the right to participate in decisions related to your care with full understanding of what is proposed and planned for you, including risks and alternatives to suggested treatment or plan of care, and in resolving any dilemmas about your care.
  5. You have the right to informed consent prior to undergoing any procedures and/or treatment except in emergency life-threatening situations.
  6. You have the right to have visitors according to nursing unit and/or department policies. You have the right to restrict access to you by visitors or others not directly involved in your care. The hospital may restrict visitors by nursing unit or department specific policies. Visitors may also be restricted for the health and safety of the patient and/or visitor. Visitor restriction based on patient condition or diagnosis will be evaluated for effectiveness in the treatment plan. In certain situations, you and/or family will be involved in the determination of restrictions.
  7. Every effort will be made to make your hospital stay as comfortable as possible by meeting special needs within hospital guidelines and within a reasonable time frame.
  8. Except as required by law or with your consent, the Hospital will maintain confidentiality of medical and financial records related to your hospital stay. Your medical record will be read only by those individuals directly involved in your treatment. You have access to your medical record upon request. Your medical record will be available to those who monitor care and quality.
  9. You have the right to inspect and discuss your bill. Financial counseling will be provided upon request.
  10. You have the right to expect your privacy to be respected and confidentiality from all hospital staff and physicians. (For staff education: In an effort to maintain each patient’s right to privacy, any time a treatment or procedure is performed on a patient in an area that may be perceived as “public” or may allow viewing by unauthorized individuals, that patient will be placed in a room where the door can be closed or the curtain can be drawn so as to maintain that privacy.)
  11. You have the right to formulate advance directives and appoint a surrogate to make health care decisions for you to the extent of the law.
  12. You have the right to a safe and secure environment. Internal security is provided 24 hours a day with external law enforcement available when needed. You have a right to access protective services.
  13. You, your family and friends have the right to openly express concerns and complaints to your physician, care giver, or the hospital patient representative at extension 7541. A follow-up regarding the complaint will be communicated to you at the time of resolution.
  14. You have the right to pastoral/spiritual counseling.
  15. You are entitled to complete information regarding your healthcare, treatments, diagnosis, options, and risks. These communications through your physician or caregiver will be within the code of ethics threshold.
  16. Upon request, you have the right to be informed of the process for bringing an ethical concern to the hospital Ethics Team for discussion.
  17. You have the right to certain hospital policies and procedures not specifically listed in this summary. They include, but are not limited to:
    • Code of Ethical Behavior
    • Advance Directives
    • Withholding resuscitative services
    • Forgoing or withdrawing life sustaining services
    • Care at the end of life
    • Procuring and donation of organs and other tissue
  18. You have the right to receive information about pain and pain relief measures. A concerned staff is committed to pain prevention and management.
  19. You have the right to be free from restraints and seclusion in any form when used as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience for the staff, or retaliation.

Patient Responsibilities

  1. Providing Information. You are responsible for providing, to the best of your knowledge, accurate and complete information about present complaints, past illnesses, hospitalizations, medication, and other matters relating to your health. You and your family are responsible for reporting things that might jeopardize your care/safety and unexpected changes in your condition. You and your family help the hospital improve its understanding of the environment by providing feedback about service needs and expectations.
  2. Asking Questions. You are responsible for asking questions when you do not understand what you have been told about your care or what you are expected to do.
  3. Following Instructions. You and your family are responsible for following the care or treatment plan developed. You should express any concerns you have about your ability to follow and comply with the proposed care plan or course of treatment. Every effort will be made to adapt the plan to your specific needs and limitations. When such adaptations to the treatment plan are not recommended, you and your family are responsible for understanding the consequences of the treatment alternatives and not following the proposed course.
  4. Accepting Consequences. You and your family are responsible for the outcomes if you do not follow the care, service, or treatment plan.
  5. Following Rules and Regulations. You and your family are responsible for following the hospital’s rules and regulations concerning patient care and conduct.
  6. Showing Respect and Consideration. You and your family are responsible for being considerate of the hospital’s personnel and property.
  7. Meeting Financial Commitments. You and your family are responsible for promptly meeting any financial obligation agreed to with the hospital.
  8. Informing. You and your family are responsible to inform the unit manager, your physicians, or Hospital Representative at extension 7541; as soon as possible if you believe your rights have been or may be violated.

You may discuss these rights and responsibilities with your physician or nurse in charge of your care. You are encouraged to complete a patient survey after your discharge.

Insurance and Billing

Thank you for choosing Fairmont Regional Medical Center for your healthcare needs. At FRMC, we are guided by a goal of service excellence and are committed to provide healthcare services to those in need in our community.

We know that hospital bills and health insurance claims can be confusing. We have created this guide to help you better understand our hospital charges, patient billing process and to answer some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.

Please click here to review our Billing Process Reference Guide for a better understanding of our process.

Click here for information about Medicare Billing.

Pay My Bill

Fairmont Regional Medical Center’s Patient Financial Services Department is available to assist you and your family with payment options, questions or assistance with your bill.

The Payment Services Department is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 8:00pm and Saturday, 8:00am to 12:00pm to assist with payment options, which include scheduling of recurring payments, credit cards, debit cards and checks by phone at (866) 767-6204. The Billing Department is available Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 4:30pm to assist you any questions or payments on your bill as well, please call (304) 367-7160.

Our Online Bill Pay program provides our patients with a fast and easy method to make payments. If at any time you have questions please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at (304) 367-7160.

Please have your Fairmont Regional Medical Center statement available for reference when making your payment online.

You can:

  • Pay your entire hospital bill
  • Pay a portion of your hospital bill
  • Make payments from your debit or bank check card, or any of the following major credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express

The system is setup to send email verification, if this option is chosen. You will be asked to provide your account number when paying your invoice online. Your account number will typically begin with the letter V followed by 11 numbers. When paying from a statement, your account number will be located in the right-upper corner in a block labeled - PATIENT ACCOUNT NO.

Automated Check, Debit or Credit Card Plan:
Pay the balance in full by using our Automated Check, Debit or Credit Card Plan online or by phone with our Payment Services Department or Billing Department.

Set up a Payment Plan:
Please contact either our Payment Services Department or Billing Department to set up payment arrangements. Once this step is complete, you may either request an automated withdrawal or charge to your bank/credit card account or complete the monthly payments online by creating a user name and password on our website. Be sure to contact the Payment Services Department or Billing Department, if your checking or credit card account information changes.

Click here for our Payment Plan Options and Financial Assistance information.

What You Expect from Us:

Fairmont Regional Medical Centers’ Patient Financial Services Department and Patient Access Department promises to make the registration and billing process easy, helpful and assure accuracy of information collected from you. We want to make sure you receive excellent customer service to help make your visit with us as comfortable as possible.

Registration Process:
FRMC Patient Access Department will collect your demographic information each time you present to our facility to assure correct information.

Billing directly to insurance providers:
Fairmont Regional Medical Center will bill your insurance, including Medicare, Medicaid and most Commercial carriers. If you have a secondary insurance, FRMC will also file your claim as a courtesy to you. In most cases you will receive a series of statements letting you know the status of your claim and when the any balance has become your responsibility.

Billing statements in plain language:
You will receive easy-to-understand billing statements showing the most current balance owed by your insurance provider as well as any balance due from you. You will receive a statement until all payments are made, either by the insurance company or by you.

Financial Assistance:
Our Billing Representatives or Financial Counselors are happy to answer your billing questions and help with payment issues. Please know that you will be treated with dignity and respect every step of the way, regardless of your ability to pay. At Fairmont Regional Medical Center, all patients deserve world-class care.

How You Can Help

At Fairmont Regional Medical Center, we are committed to making your experience with us as patient-friendly as possible.

Here are some ways you can help the registration and billing process go smoothly:

  • Please bring your insurance cards, driver’s license, physician’s order(s) and any advance directives (if applicable). 
  • Please leave all valuables at home or with friends/family during your stay with us, this provides you with a sense of security and peace of mind.
  • Contact your insurance provider prior to any scheduled procedures or admission to understand your benefits for the services you will be receiving.
  • Check with your physician’s office or insurance provider to verify if any authorization, medical necessity or referrals are necessary.
  • Please respond promptly to any requests from your insurance provider. This will assure limited out of pocket expenses from you.

Questions about an upcoming scheduled visit or elective service, please contact our Main Registration Area at (304) 367-7220 or Centralized Scheduling (304) 367-7171 weekdays 8:00am to 6pm.

If you have specific questions about your bill, call Fairmont Regional Medical Center’s Patient Financial Services Department at (304) 367-7160 weekdays between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.