Fairmont Regional Medical Center has a rich History that spans over 100 years in marion county.  as the community hospital of north central wet Virginia, Fairmont regional medical center has grown, expanded, and invested millions of dollars into a facility that provides award-winning quality care to tens-of-thousands of patients.  1863: Founder John R. Cook is born.  1903: Cook hospital opens in Fairmont. 1939 Cook hospital is sold to the city of Fairmont and renamed Fairmont general hospital. a new facility is built on locust avenue.  1970: Fairmont general hospital goes through an 8.6 million dollar expansion. 1980's: Emergency Room and Special Care unit additions open.  1990's: ambulatory surgery unit, cath lab and rehab suites, admissions evaluation unit, customer service center, partial hospitalization suite, and behavioral medicine unit opens.  200's: sleep disorder lab suite and wound healing center opens. 1.8 million surgical suite renovation. picture archive and communication system (pacs) implemented.  nuclear medicine acquires new gamma camera.  64 slice ct scanner installed. geriatric unit opens.  digital mammography machine installed.  2014: Alecto healthcare, llc acquires Fairmont general hospital and renames the facility Fairmont regional medical center.