Cancer, the second leading cause of death in the United States, affects someone in our community every day. Not only does it affect the individual with the disease, but their family and friends as well. Realizing the impact this disease has on any individual, Fairmont Regional Medical Center has committed itself to provide for all your cancer care needs.

An important part of cancer care consists of early screening, detection, diagnosis, treatment, patient and family education, and health promotion. FRMC is committed to meeting your needs from the time your cancer is diagnosed, throughout the treatment, and both during and after recovery. We are committed to educating the community on how to detect cancer and how to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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Oncology Nurse Navigator

As a Community Cancer Center, Fairmont Regional Medical Center provides cancer patients with the services of an Oncology Nurse Navigator. The process of navigation involves an RN who is experienced in oncology or cancer nursing being responsible for coordinating care for newly diagnosed cancer patients. The world of oncology can be very intimidating to newly diagnosed patients and their families. The Nurse Navigator’s role is to assist them in finding what services are available in the community and helping them to use those services that might be of benefit to them. These services may include financial aid, assistance with meals, rides for treatments, and any other possible needs that they may have. She will meet with the patient and family shortly after diagnosis and will provide education regarding their upcoming treatment or treatments. When necessary she can also assist with advance directives to assure that the family is fully aware of the patient’s wishes should the patient be unable to express their own wishes.

Amber Hoover, RN, is the Nurse Navigator for the Oncology Program at Fairmont Regional Medical Center. She has ten years of experience as an RN with a back ground in oncology and medical surgical nursing. She currently is also the nurse for the Infusion Center, which is housed on the third floor of the main building of the hospital. Chemotherapy, iron infusions, antibiotic infusions, blood transfusions, and multiple other services are available on the unit from 8 AM to 4 PM Monday through Friday. Amber is currently pursuing her certification as an Oncology Certified Nurse.

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