Lymphedema is swelling in the arms or legs due to a blockage in your lymphatic system.  Lymphedema occurs when the normal drainage of fluid is disrupted in the groin area or in the armpit.  Lymphedema can be hereditary, but it's most commonly the result of blockages caused by infection, cancer, and scar tissue from radiation therapy or the surgical removal of lymph nodes.

How can a certified Lymphedema Therapist help?

Your physical therapist will work closely with you to design a treatment program to help control the swelling and meet your goals for returning to your normal activities.

In the early stages of lymphedema, when the swelling is mild, it can be managed by compression garments, exercise, and elevation of the affected limb to encourage lymph flow.

For more severe swelling, our Certified Lymphedema Specialist may use a treatment called "complete decongestive therapy." The initial step often includes manual lymphatic drainage, which feels like a light form of massage.  This massage helps improve the flow of lymph from your arm or leg.  This is followed by compression bandaging to help reduce the swelling.  Your therapist will carefully monitor the size of the limb throughout your treatment sessions.  

Fairmont Rehabilitation Center now offers therapy for lymphedema by a Certified Lymphedema Specialist.

How can I get started with Lymphedema Therapy?

  • Contact your physician to determine if lymphedema therapy is the right choice for your rehabilitation.
  • To begin therapy, we need an order or script from your doctor.
  • Contact Fairmont Rehab at (304) 363-3167 to schedule an appointment with our Certified Lymphedema Therapist.
  • We work with most insurance companies.
Collage of Lymphedema Therapy
Image of Lyphedema Therapist wrapping feet
Image of Lymphedema Therapist Wrapping Legs