Cardiac Rehabilitation

For more information call cardiac rehab at:
(304) 368-5430

Fairmont Regional Medical Center’s Cardiac Rehabilitation program is nationally certified by the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation (AACVPR). The program was one of the first to open in the state of West Virginia and has been in existence since 1980.

Our team includes specially trained registered nurses and exercise physiologists with access to registered dietitians, counselors and pharmacists. The medical director of the program is a board certified cardiologist.

Most insurances cover monitored cardiac rehabilitation services for the following: 

  • Post heart attack
  • Post cardiac bypass surgery
  • Post heart valve replacement
  • Post heart transplant
  • Post angioplasty/stent insertion
  • Stable angina

The program has a two-fold emphasis of progressive physical activity and education of the individual and their family about risk factor reduction. Our goal is to restore the individual to their optimal, productive, active and satisfying life as soon as possible after recognition of heart disease. The focus is to prevent and/or reduce the occurrences of further episodes of health problems related to the heart disease.

During the exercise portion of the program, an individualized exercise prescription is developed to guide the individual through a progressive workout which will return them to their optimal physical well being. The overall treatment plan is reviewed by the medical director on a monthly basis. The participant is monitored closely throughout the entire program with periodic progress reports being sent to their personal physician on a monthly basis.

The state of the art exercise area designed specifically for cardiac patients is located at Fairmont Regional Medical Center. Following the intense Phase II portion of the cardiac rehabilitation program, a Hearts on the Move program is available in the fitness center at a reduced cost to the cardiac rehab graduate.